Version 1.2, what's new?

-New weather
-Bug fixes
-New item
-Added a sound effect for trying to open locked doors
-Added a motion sensor in the guest bedroom
-Fixed an exploit relating to the shed


You're an infamous thief who has to get out of town, and for that reason, you decided to steal money from this rich old man. That won't be easy, however, you have 7 days to get to his safe and run away with the money, never to be seen again. Be careful not to be noticed, the more noise you make the more aware the man will become of your presence. You can leave the house if you believe he's suspecting too much of you, however you must get the money before the deadline.


WASD - Move
Q - Open doors/unlock
E - Hide
R - Special action
C - Crouch
Left Click - Pick up items/use an item
Space - Drop item
Shift - Hide tips
Esc - Quit


Remove every lock or barricade in the safe room door and run away with the money, all you need is in the house. Whenever you drop an item, the owner will hear and come check it out, increasing his awareness - dropping items on carpets doesn't make noise. He'll start roaming close to areas you make a lot of noise in when his awareness is high. You can leave the house without the money if you believe his awareness is too high, it's also the only way to get it down when he's at max awareness. When he's sure of your presence, he will call the police - if that happens then you have to leave the house before they arrive. Watch out for creaking floors, you can avoid those by crouching. You can interact with items by clicking on them, however, they have to be within your reach - crouching increases your reach. You can open doors, safes, boards, drawers and unlock objects by pressing Q. Once you open the safe and get the money, run away from the house as fast as you can.

Thanks for playing Don't Get Caught

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Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorLifetime Disaster
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, Construct 2, granny, granny-like, Pixel Art, Short, Singleplayer, Stealth


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it'd be good to use the arrow keys too move too, cuz havin most of the action keys being crammed together can be uncomfortable

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Good game, very fun too. Some stuff like screwdriver puzzle s a bit counter-intuitive, but overall i really enjoyed it. Also I think tht in-game instruction does not explain how to drop item. Also my hand hurts after pressing both WASD and C at the same time.

suggestions: improve the controls like: WASD move, left click interact, Q unlock/open doors, shift crouch ; have a bug when crouch u cant move "↘" ; try to exapnd the game, like, expand the house, make more itens (do not have to be required itens to get the money), more endings and something like traps, atoy gun o a camera that flash the old man eyes and paralize him ; put the Z key back pls. i hope i help u with the game

The glitch you're talking about, not being to move a certain direction while crouching, isn't a glitch. You have to hold down 3 keys to move that direction, the S key, D key and C to crouch, which doesn't do anything because most keyboards limit the amount of keys you can press at a time

but for other diagonal directions thats work while crouch

I don't know why it happens with down + right specifically but it's an issue with keyboards in general

yo uh can you reupload five nights at kyles 3 2 and 1? my friends want to play it

Agreed on "Shift" for crouching. "C" is really uncomfortable key for that.


disapointed for removing twerk key ;-;